The other day when I was running outside, minding my own business, 4km into my 20km run…. I slipped and fell…. on my bad knee…Awesome eh!

I was a little ways from home when I fell so I hobbled my way home and got an earful of a lecture from Denver. He then banished me to the treadmill for a while. He said I cant afford to blow out my knee this year (which is absolutely true) and I am very clumsy so I should maybe focus on indoor workouts just to be safe.

Since we are moving in just over a week to our new house he also told me that I can have my very own workout room in our basement!! WHOOO!!!!! It’s a really big room too. I’m so happy. so we are going to buy either a treadmill or an elliptical and a full weight set. I will have a tv set up for my workout videos. It will be my woman cave!! I can put up all my race bibs and medals and inspirational pictures and sayings on the walls..maybe some pictures of firemen?

I will have to paint the room first though… It’s this awefull green colour!



Last weekend we took Kreig to the star wars exhibit here. It was pretty cool! lots of listening though. Kreig lost interest first, then Denver, then my dad, then we ended up walking around to all the activity stations and just ignored the listening ones. What i thought was really neat is that you pick a character you want to be at the beginning and each activity station allows you to build traits to your character and at the end you see your character as an adult. who you made them turn into.

This was Kreig and my dad’s characters


This is mine and Denvers


They turned out pretty good and Kreig had tons of fun!<

This weekend is going to be full of zumba for me. Friday night there is a masterclass which usually goes for about an hour and a half. Saturday I have to try to make it to a class but i have a chiro appt followed by a bank appt to finish up our mortgage stuff. I hope i have time for a class. i feel guilty when i can’t make it. Sunday will be my long run in the morning. 20km. and in the evening one of the local zumba instructors is hosting a free zumba class by my house.  Oh and in there i have to pack most of our upstairs this weekend too. I have a bit of the OCD when it comes to organizing and messes and i hate when things aren’t ready. Lucky for me Denvre understands this and i eager to help out (mostly because he knows if he doesn’t i get a little irritable)  :0)


The Cooking Adventure Begins

Last night I decided that I was going to try out some of the recipes I have saw on Pinterest…..

First I tried out the cook bowls. The recipe said simply this. Take cookie dough and place it on an upside down muffin pan and bake. So I bought the cookie dough ( cheating I know) and a muffin pan.

Clearly too much cookie dough…..

But I managed to save most of it!

Next I decided to make these eggs in a muffin pan thingy. The recipe said to line the inside of a muffin tray with ham ( I used turkey), break an egg inside the tray and add any veggies that you would like ( I added red peppers), Then bake!

These turned out pretty darn good I`d say!

Last night I did my 100 abs and followed the rest of my 90 day challenge!!


Too Much….

Today is the start of Lent and I don’t usually give up anything for this specific event however this year I have a list I am going to challenge with.

Kreig goes to a catholic school and instead of making the kids give things up for lent the school has something new every week that they can do to help others. I thought that was a really good idea. This week for Valentines Day they are making Valentines to hand out around the community. They will be going door to door to personally deliver them.

Kreig said to me the other day that since I love to “get fit” as he calls it and I should do something nice for myself for lent to help me get stronger. This is where my list came in to play, we say down and made my list but it will be for longer than lent is.

Justine’s 90 Day Challenge!

1.        No Coffee        –   This will be the hardest for me. I drink 2 -3 cups a day but lately I have noticed that I haven’t been sleeping well…. I wonder why eh?!

2.        No Pop            –   Kreig made this one for me. It won’t be hard I rarely ever drink pop.

3.        No food after 8 pm.     –    I’m a night muncher. I try to keep healthy snacks ready to go because kreig is a snacker too, but it’s easy to eat a lot more than you realize.

4.       100 Abs everyday      –    do a total of 100 cruches, mountain climbers, etc. everyday.

5.        No eating out     –       I dont eat a lot of fast food but I love to go to restaurants. I don’t cook well at all so when I want a good meal we go out. so to save money I am           going to attempt to cook. scary I know!!!

6.        No Booze      –    No alcohol at all.  This will be a hard one too because on the weekend I love to have wine. Last weekend I accidentally drank myself into a two day hang over so I think I might be ok with this one. This is what made me feel like crap all weekend… two bottles and a couple of random shots later….

So that is my list!  I actually am on day 3 of no coffee (no one has gotten hurt yet ! ). I needed something to drink in the morning instead of coffee so I found this idea on Pinterest

It is cucumber & lemon water. The Pin said to add mint but I don’t have any so I go without. It is actually really good.

Oh and more good news! Denver and I finally found a house! we move in the middle of March. I’m so excited!!  :0)


Everyday I’m Shufflin’

I tried out my new minimalist asics last night on my run. I did a slow shuffly 10km. And I mean slow! There was so much ice on the sidewalks I dont think I ran at my usual pace for more than 10min of the 1:04 I ran.
Back to my new shoes! They are great. I LOVE running shoes.


Hard to see but they are bright blue and red. Love it!

Tuesday night I managed to make it to Hermitage park for a run. Its a beautiful trail that starts at Hermitage and runs through the whole city. I have run and hung out there since I was in jr. high its one of my favorite places to go. I only did a 5km run. It’s dark here by 6pm and I don’t like running down there alone in the dark. Kind of a wussy that way. It’s not like in residental areas where there are street lamps. It’s pretty much pitch black down in the river valley other than the moon!!



This weekend I plan to do my long run down there during the day.



A Little Catch-Up

It has been three weeks since I last wrote on here and it really doesn’t feel like it has been that long at all. So let me catch-up, some of the things that have happened in the last bit here include:

–  I have officially signed up for the CANADIAN DEATH RACE!!!! I will be attempting this solo and I am so nervous and excited. when my name showed up on the roster I started freaking out.

– I have been sick almost this entire 3 weeks! Awesome! So death race training is off to a good start.

– My niece had her 5th birthday last week. We took the kids to Chucky Cheese (it’s a kids play place here in Edmonton). One of my very good long time friends Ruth (she is one of the first few friends I made when I moved here) has a little boy who is 3 months older that Kreig. Watching them grow up together is awesome. I cannot find the picture from when they were little right now but I have this same picture from when they were two years old! It’s so good watching them grow up together.

– Denver and I have been house shopping since the beginning of the month with little success. It’s a bit frustrating trying to find a perfect house for our needs. But we have it narrowed down and we are going to look at one tonight that I hope will be perfect.

I have not been getting too much exercise lately well not as much as I would like to be, stupid cold, but I have still been going to zumba and pump as well as some small at home workouts to keep up as much as possible. I have also not been eating the best…. Time to get back on the awesome train!!


I finally made it to the gym tonight. I haven’t gone to a zumba class since September and I missed it soo much!

They added a new Ab class too. 30min of killer abs. So I met two of my friends there and we did the Ab class and then ZUMBA!! It was awesome. Soo much fun!

And I got to finally wear my new gym shoes I bought in October..


I have been pretty busy the last few days but I have made sure to still get my ab workouts in. Last night I did a cross fit workout in my basement too. My cat found a spider down there while i was lying on the floor doing abs…. good thing too because it was right by my head!! I almost screamed but she quickly ate it. Good kitty!!


Hours Of Shopping

I wanted to go for a run tonight but I realized that we hadn’t bought groceries since before christmas and making dinner tonight was a little… limited for options. So Denver and I went to make a quick shopping trip.

2 hours and a hide and seek game in the grocery store (which one of the staff was giving me tips where he was hiding) later we were finally done.

It was pretty late after we got home and organized but i pulled some sticks and did this workout 2x


Then I did my abs for the night. They included:
20 crunches
10 plank with knee to elbow
10 leg lifts
20 russian twists
20 crab kicks
20 mountain climbers

Last night I also did 100 abs.
So far 3 for 3!!